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It has never been more important to ensure that you have properly planned for the time when you will no longer be on this earth. If you have any assets – a house or condo, a car, a bank account – you need a will in order to ensure that your friends and family understand what you wish to happen to it when you pass.

Otherwise, your estate will have to be administered by your family until a judge decides its fate. The process may take months, it could be expensive, and what the judge decides may not be what you would have wanted.

Contact us today to begin planning your will and making plans for probate. It’s never too early to make these plans.

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Why Levinson Law Office Suggests Having A Living Will

What will happen to you if you are gravely injured or ill and unable to determine the course of your own medical care? Do you wish to be kept alive by machines? Who would you trust to make treatment decisions in your stead? We have all heard stories about patients being kept in limbo for years while their families wrangled over the proper course of treatment, or if there should be continued treatment at all.

Some of these heartbreaking cases have even made national headlines.

Spare yourself and your family this turmoil. Make a living will. In a living will, you can designate which life-prolonging treatments you will accept or refuse and designate a loved one to make decisions in your stead. Our law office can help you to create a sound living will and help you prepare for all eventualities. Don’t leave your fate to chance.

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How Our Probate Litigation Attorney Can Help You in Wills & Probate Planning

Most of the time, when people die, their estates enter probate. Our law office can help to shepherd your estate through this process, ensuring that your assets go to the people whom you designated as your legal heirs and that the process proceeds smoothly. Our objective will always be to ensure that your estate passes quickly through probate so that your loved ones and heirs can grieve your passing without having to spend too much time involved in legal matters.

We can also help you to plan your estate in such a way that it does not have to pass through probate at all. You can still enjoy the money and assets you have worked so hard to acquire, but when you die, it will be able to pass to your heirs quickly and without too many legal hoops to jump through. This process is one worth considering if you are forty or older.

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Estate administration is the process wherein the decedent’s assets are distributed to his heirs under court supervision.  All the heirs are notified and are kept abreast of the process.  The assets are collected by the Personal Representative (Executor), claims are paid and after a sufficient time has elapsed, the assets are distributed to the beneficiary.

If probate is necessary, we prepare all of the documents to be filed with the court.  This is all done without the necessity of the Personal Representative being in court.  Before beginning any work, we will quote a reasonable fee in writing.

Trust administration is similar to probate administration; however, it is not necessary to file documents with the court.  There are no time restrictions and usually it is less expensive.

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